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Dealing With Stress and Cultivating Positive Emotions for Positive Work Life and Happiness


Workshop Series on Happiness @ WORK and LIFE

Workshop Topic:   Dealing With Stress and Cultivating Positive Emotions for Positive Work Life and Happiness

Duration:   26-27 July   2014

Experience the Power of: PASS

P:  Positive Psychology for Positive Attitude, Cognitive Programming, Personality


A: Ancient Wisdom Sciences for Body & Mind Balance through Yoga & Mindfulness


S: Spirituality Science for High Happiness Quotient (HHQ)

Participants are empowered to maximize Happiness @ Work and Life by learning:

How to deal with stress and worries at work and life Overcome fear, doubts and insecurity, Build positive personality and genuine confidence in life, Handle skillfully painful thoughts and feelings, Make a beginning to win over habits that are blocking happiness Attain resilience, to be effective in work and improve performance,Cultivate virtues,Build positive lifestyle and meaningful life.

Objectives: To learn and experience about Stress and its effects on Health and Happiness.Emotions and its positive and negative effects on Health and Happiness.Effective ways to reduce stress and distressing techniques with Positive Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and Spiritual Science.To cultivate the habit of being happy @ Work and Life by applying MIND-BODY-SPIRIT techniques.Cultivate awareness and emotional well-being, practice healthy lifestyle and spiritual principles to maximize High Happiness Quotient (HHQ).

Method: Presentations, Discussion, Experiential, Sharing and Activities.

Expected outcomes: Participants will gain insight and learn techniques to bring lasting changes in their personality, achieve healthy lifestyle and inner growth- the key factors for enhancing happiness @ Work and Life.

Number of Participants: 30

Schedule and Content: The 2 Day Workshop is scheduled during 26-27 July   2014


The total cost is approximately US$ 450 per person including tuition fee, attending certificate, materials, food and accommodation.

Presenters/Resource Persons/Faculty

Dr. K. Krishna Mohan, Ph.D, Foreign Expert, AIHD, Mahidol University

Dr. Mohan is a Mental Health and Well-being expert having two decades of experience in teaching, research and training and worked in Universities and Mental Health Centers in Singapore, Netherlands, East Africa, London and India. He is a Hon. Professor at University of Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina and on the Board of International Advisor, Shan You Counseling Centre, and Singapore. Dr. Mohan has trained employees, young professionals, students etc. in India and abroad.

  • Assoc. Prof. Jiraporn Chompikul
  • Asst. Prof. Somsak Wongsawass