About AIHD


The ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD) was established in 1982 as the ASEAN Training Centre for Primary Health Care Development. It was a joint effort of Mahidol University, the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation (DTEC, now TICA) of the Royal Thai Government, with strong support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). AIHD is based on a forward-looking and conceptually challenging perspective on human resource development which aims to support the global strategy of “Health for All” through the primary health care approach advocated by WHO, an approach which is valid not only for Thailand but also other ASEAN countries.

DSC_0611-300x198AIHD has three key missions, namely education and training, technical services, and research and development, focusing on participatory community-based health and related program management, with a special emphasis on facilitating the paradigm shift from a “service-oriented” approach to a “development” approach in order to promote “Health for All” through human capacity building and community empowerment.

Center of Excellence in Research, Education, Professional Services for Innovative of Sustainable Health by 2020.
  • Provide transformative education for graduates to be leader in Health System management and sustainability.
  • Enhance capacity related of Public Health workforce in relate to sustainable health development.
  • Develop innovative Research for Sustainable Health.
1. Excellence in Research for Health Development Models and Sustainability.
2. Transformative Education.
3. Innovative Professional Service for Sustainable Health.
4. Excellence in Management for Sustainable organization.
Core Value
  • A   Academic Excellence with Social Responsibility 
  • I    Internationalization
  • H  Harmony with Culture and Environment
  • D  Dynamic management