Master of Primary Health Care Management degree program


Master of Primary Health Care Management degree program operations since the year 1986 with the cooperation between ASEAN Institute for Health Development. Mahidol University. And Thailand International Cooperation Development Agency (TICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs And the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Program emphasizes the development of managerial and leadership skills for medical and paramedical public health care professionals from all over the world, especially Asia. PHC development is recognized as an appropriate channel for public health service in the improvement of existing human resources, making use of appropriate technology, and encouraging community participation. Since 1986, AIHD has produced 633 graduates from 34 countries, currently working as PHC leaders with the common goals of efficient and effective health services and improvement in the quality of life.

For curriculum revision. The curriculum is divided into two types of studies, firstly study plan focus on research-based and research courses work designed to be flexible according to the students’ characteristic, such as study like a module which can be completed within 2-3 weeks.