The procurement of environmentally friendly products.

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28th Friendship and Cultural Exchange Camp

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Environment Publication

  • C.Rattanapan, T.T.Suksaroj, S. Wongsawass and and W.Ounsaneha. Measure on Eco-Efficiency of Thai Grow ing-Fishing Pig Farms. Internaytional Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol.4 No.5, October 2013;537;DOI:10.7763/IJESD.2013.V4.409
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Master of Arts Program in Addiction Studies

ADAD  500 Fundamental of Addiction

The development of addiction problems in society, history of addiction,  basic sciences relating to addiction, factors influencing addiction

ADAD  510 Studies and visits in Addiction Studies

Studies and visit government office and non-government office which have treatment, rehabilitation and prevention in addiction


Master of Primary Health Care Management

ADPM 602   Health Service and Primary Health Care Management
 The concepts and principals involved in both management of health service and primary health care, the trend and situation of health determinants, analysis of health service system, need assessment in health and community diagnosis, strategic management and planning, project monitoring and evaluation, health care financial management and health insurance, health workforce management, health information management, leadership, negotiation and conflict resolution, intersectoral-coordination and community participation, including civil society and community empowerment.

ADPM 606  Epidemiological Studies in Health Systems

Types of epidemiological study designs,Basic knowledge on  Epidemiology, Epidemiological Measurements, Types of Epidemiology  study design, Modern Methods in Epidemiological Study, Evaluative research, Action Research, the implications for the public health practices and health care management, the applications especially clinical and community research

ADPM 626  Management of Environmental Health  

Concepts and principal of environmental health management, the issues, trends and impact of environmental health problems in both urban and rural areas, using appropriate technique and method of management for solving and control these environmental health problems

ADPM 632   Management of the District Health System and Primary Care

Concept of health service organization, health care decentralization, principle of district health system, management and development of district health system, roles of hospital and district health office, concept and principle of primary care, primary care development in the context of district health system, primary health care management and family medicine, characteristics and roles of primary care providers and family practices,  component of  primary care management, management of primary care network, quality system of primary care services


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28th Friendship and Cultural Exchange Camp

During 10 – 11 May 2013, the Educational Affairs Section of the ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD), Mahidol University, Thailand, conducted the Friendship and Cultural Exchange program for the international students of the Master of Primary Health Care Management (MPHM) program for batch 28 at Aloha Homestay, Chanthaburi province.
The Friendship and Cultural Exchange program is one key activity of MPHM program for international students who come to study at the AIHD for every academic year, with the aims of building a stronger regional identity by raising awareness of world history and heritage through the arts and to give participants a better understanding of all the people in the world.

A Contribution for Saving our Mother Earth

Us is the answer for our Mother Earth! We should do things differently to save our planet to avoid us into doom. We can start by doing simple things that Mother Earth needs us to save ourselves from the bad norms of the society and peers. Yes, it is hard to start from the very beginning because we have already inherited the bad norms, but there’s still a way to change it and that’s what one of the SAVE ME Movement by the AIHD staff and Students Action, vital to the environment and Mother Earth movement is all about. The ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD), Mahidol University is daring to be different now, as we initiated the “A Contribution for Saving our Mother Earth” at Chacheongsao province during the two-day camp, 10-11 May 2012. A little act means a lot to stop floods and other tragedies. If we change our bad norms and discipline ourselves we can surely save Mother Earth.