Measures to save energy / public utility

Measures to save electricity

Air conditioning 
The air temperature at 26 degrees and the timing of euthanasia – turn off .
1 . At office room, scheduled to open air conditioners. Open morning at 09.00 am closing at 11.30 pm and afternoon open at 13.00 closed at 16.00

2 . At meeting room,  The open air by the applicant   before meeting 10 minutes and closing immediately after use. If the request to change the meeting time. Please contact the staff before.

3 . At classroom, 0pen air by the staff prior to classes 10 minute and turn off when not in use.

4. Case with the use of a Common Room at  ASEAN House Building, opened use the room since the time 09:00 am – 22:00 pm. If students use the room for a thesis after 22:00 to permission from officials, ASEAN house.

5. Do not open windows when the air conditioning off.

6. Turn off air conditioning every time nobody.

Computer / printer / copier.
1. Closing the screen when not in use for more than 15 minutes.

2. Shut down and unplug it when not in use at all times.

Other electrical appliances.
1. Enable only necessary.
2. Shut the lights and fans when not in use.
3. Unplug when not in use.

Fuel saving measures.
1. The vehicle, prior notice at least one day to facilitate the management route when traveling together.

2. Study route in advance and used vehicles to suit the distance. Number of passengers on the route to go, and that’s it.

3. Driving with caution and reasonable speed (up to 90 kilometers per hour).

Water saving measures.
1. Closing faucets tightly after each use. And help monitor the water and leave it open.

2. Did not leave toilet paper and sanitary items down the toilet.

3. Did not wash in the sink.

4. Did not bring a car wash in a government facility.

5. If found defective equipment should be serviced immediately.

Measures to reduce paper use.
1. Using the 2-sided paper.

2. Inspect the documents before printing.

3. Cooperation in each meeting a report, agenda, documents through E-mail and conference room for accessories such as LCD projector instead of the conference papers.

1. Below to contact the University’s Intra-phone system and the phone specific official.

2.Working on public holidays or out of office hours to save energy and cost, and comply with regulations of the Institute. Strictly

3. Use office supplies, worth and saving.