AIHD Research

The ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD), Mahidol University was originally established in 1982 as the ASEAN Training Center for Primary Health Care Development (ATC/PHC), The main objective of AIHD is to assist not only the ASEAN countries, but also countries around the world in terms of Human Resource Development projects through primary health care approach.  AIHD standard policy is to promote and support research project creation through health mechanism possession for the foundation of the body of knowledge to response the needs of the community, the society, and the nation.

Research activities

The AIHD has aimed multidisciplinary integration-based research with the foundation of participation in various organizations and communities including the research and body of knowledge creation lead to apply the development and to solve the problems in the community. Below are the following results of the AIHD previous research:

  1. Integrated caring management, long term care, aging and disabled quality of life development.
  2. HIV/AIDS prevention, remedy and risk behavior surveillance.
  3. Develop and promote the strength of family institutions such as wellbeing, relationship, economic and self-reliance, and aging situation.
  4. Maternal and child, quality well child clinic, antenatal care clinic, orphan and day care nursery centers.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation such as the evaluation of using practical guidelines and manuals for health promoting hospital and competency evaluation of local administrative organization.
  6. Surveillance, and disease prevention such as HIV/AIDS disease, stroke and various types of chronic diseases.
  7. Database on Public health Research
  8. Environmental health management such as the appropriate environmental health education and health risk education of employees’ factory of rubber-liquid.
  9. Remedy and rehabilitation for addicts.
  10. Health Literacy among aging, mothers and children, and adolescent
  11. Occupational health workers